Publish date11 Dec 2022 - 9:42
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Tehran condemns Australia over anti-Iran sanctions, interference in domestic affairs

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Nasser Kan’ani, in a statement issued on Saturday, condemned Australia over sanctions, interference in the domestic issues and spread of violence in the country.
Tehran condemns Australia over anti-Iran sanctions, interference in domestic affairs
In a statement on Saturday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan'ani reminded Australia about its international obligations to fight terrorism and hate and observe human rights principles.

Canberra, however, has dark human rights history which should be taken into consideration by the international community, he said.

"Australia's new anti-Iran move took place while the country's government has systematically violated the basic rights of the Australian aborigines, prisoners and asylum seekers for many years. It has also sheltered agents of anti-Iran terrorist and separatist groups," the spokesperson added.

Australia's Foreign Minister Penny Wong said on Saturday the country is imposing Magnitsky-style sanctions on 13 individuals and two entities in response to what it called "egregious" human rights violations and abuses.

Canberra will place targeted sanctions on Iran's Morality Police, the Basij volunteer force and six Iranian individuals, allegedly involving in the violent crackdown on riots following the death of the 22-year-old woman, named Mahsa Amini, in police custody.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said that international organizations have presented numerous documentary reports on human rights violations in Australia.

Kan'ani said Australia has recently violated its human rights obligations as it prevented an international committee against torture from visiting the detention centers of the asylum seekers in this country so that its inhumane mistreatment remains hidden.

The United Nations in October decided to suspend its anti-torture mission to Australia after inspectors were denied entry into several jails, calling it a “clear breach” of international obligations.
The UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture (SPT), a treaty body tasked with preventing the ill-treatment of detainees, said in a press release that it “had no other option” but to suspend its visit to Australia due to “obstructions it encountered” while carrying out its mandate.
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