Publish date16 Nov 2022 - 12:13
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Iran’s Foreign Ministry summons Australian ambassador over meddlesome remarks

Iranian Foreign Minister has summoned Australian ambassador over interventionist remarks by the country's prime minister in regards to Iran’s domestic issues.
Iran’s Foreign Ministry summons Australian ambassador over meddlesome remarks
"It seems that the Prime Minister of Australia has taken a wrong approach based on the wrong information," the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said in reaction to interventionist remarks of the Australian Prime Minister regarding the internal developments.

This does not help the relations between Iran and Australia, Nasser Kan'ani said.

Regarding the developments in the country, Iran is ready to provide the Australian government with the correct narrative and away from media controversy.

Criticizing Australia's human rights accusations against Iran, Kan'ani emphasized that mutual respect and reliance on facts is the best way to prevent confusion in diplomacy.

Australia lacks moral legitimacy to preach about human rights due to its human rights challenges from the murder of asylum seekers to the murder of 500 natives in the country's prisons, he said.

The silence of the Australian government over the Shah Cheragh terrorist attack and its move to shelter terrorist and separatist groups is a sign of double standards toward human rights, the Iranian diplomats also noted.

In this regard, the ambassador of Australia to Tehran has been summoned to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs where necessary warnings were conveyed through him.
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