Publish date13 Dec 2021 - 15:46
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Australia calls for academic coop with Iran's Al Mustafa Int. University

Australian ambassador to Iran met with director of Al Mustafa International University in Tehran calling for expansion of cooperation between major religious academy and Australian universities.
Australia calls for academic coop with Iran
Hujjat-ul-Islam Ali Abbasi, director of Al Mustafa International University met with Lyndall Sachs, Australian ambassador to Tehran detailed the history and the different fields of study at the prestigious Islamic academy, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Lyndall Sachs hailed Al Mustafa University for hosting Australian students and also its strategy of interfaith dialogue.
She called Australia as a victim of Takfiri (excommunication) groups stressing education as the first step for promoting interfaith dialogue and sharing common concepts.
She called for expansion of relations between Al Mustafa and the academic centers in Australia.
Hujjat-ul-Islam Abbasi called Al Mustafa as a university on religious studies and an achievement of the Islamic Revolution with 160 fields of study for different degrees credited by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
The cleric referred to Al Mustafa graduates from Australia and over 100 world countries and noted the interfaith dialogue between Iranian university and different religious centers across the globe.
He stressed "respect and dialogue" as the strategy of Al Mustafa International University saying," The doors in our university are open to followers of all religions and denominations because basically we follow the strategy of friendship and dialogue."
Hujjat-ul-Islam Ali Abbasi criticized the regional and global movements that maintain hostile views on other denominations, excommunicate and justify the right to kill them.
"Extremist views has brought much damage to the region and world countries and their threat for future world should not be underestimated" said the cleric and announced preparation of Al Mustafa University for contributing to promotion of peaceful and moderate views in all societies.
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