Publish date19 Oct 2021 - 16:14
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"Prophet Mohammad, blessing for mankind", Indian thinker

President of Imam Ahmad Ibn Irfan Al-Shahid University praised Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) a blessing for mankind and was sent to guide all people.
"Prophet Mohammad, blessing for mankind", Indian thinker
Allamah Sheikkh al-Sayyid Salman al-Husseini al-Nadwi, senior Indian thinker attending the opening ceremony of the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference held in Tehran hailed the prophet of Islam a messenger and guide for all people, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
The Indian scholar quoted the renowned hadith from Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) announcing Imam Ali (AS) as the first Shia Imam and said the Islamic Unity Week is a blessed time for all Muslims.
He also quoted verse 158 from Sura Al-A'raf," (O Prophet Muhammad) Say, "O people, I am a messenger of Allah (sent) to you from the One to whom belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth" stressing that the Prophet of Islam has been in fact chosen to guide all people.
Indian thinker also highlighted the mission of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to build fraternal relations among people.
35th edition of Islamic Unity Conference is underway in the capital Tehran on October 19-24 mainly in virtual meetings of Muslim scholars, intellectuals and thinkers from across the globe. The theme for Islamic Unity Conference 2021 is "Islamic Unity, Peace and Avoidance of Division and Conflict in the World of Islam."
The issue of Palestine and honoring the leading proximity figure, late Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri will be discussed in separate webinars in this event.
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