Publish date26 Dec 2020 - 16:31
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Chechnya inaugurates first church-mosque complex

The first church-mosque complex is inaugurated in Chechnya by head of Russia's National Guard and Ramazan Kadyrov, head of Chechen Republic.
Chechnya inaugurates first church-mosque complex
The complex includes a church named after Holy Prince Daniil of Moscow and the mosque is named after the hero of the Soviet Union Movlid Visaitov.
Rosgvardia director Viktor Zolotov in his remarks called Russia as a land supportive of traditional values and religious institutes.
Head of Russia's National Guard added," Opening of the first worshipping complex stands for interaction and cooperation between religious and international beliefs" stressing that the interaction cannot be undermined.
Ramezan Kadyrov noted," Opening this complex shows the unity of Islam and Christianity and also solidarity of Russian nation with other nations.
Chechnya president referred to the historical importance of building the first worshipping complex in the country in line with unifying the Orthodox Church and mosque and said," Islam and Christianity call all to love and mutual respect and nobody can create hate in their relation."
Both worshipping places are identical in size each one can seat up to 200 people at a time and verses from the holy Qur'an and Bible are inscribed in the central part of the complex.
Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov Regional Public Foundation has funded for construction of the unique Islam-Christianity complex.
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