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Friday's Platform

Threaten Iran is Israel’s end

TNA - Beirut
Threaten Iran is Israel’s end

This Friday preachers denounced the recent American-Zionist threats against the Islamic Republic of Iran, calling for unity and to stand as one against all this hype, and appraisers at the same time the decisive and unequivocal answer by Imam Khamenei, which will be strong against the aggressors and leading to the fall of the conspiratorial temple and the head of the Zionist entity.

Sheikh Maher Hammoud has confirmed the existence of a West-US conspiracy to topple the regime in Syria.
He pointed to the spread of a dangerous idea in our Arab societies that almost turned into a general view, that foreign is better than the Dictator, claiming that the West came to save us from unjust rulers.
His Eminence stressed that the situation Syria is different in the sense that power that has been installed over forty years with an iron fist and a lot of security measures, was acting in the service of major goals of the nation, it led the resistance, Palestine, against the American project, and this is what make the system survive more than others for sure.

For his part, Sayyed Ali Fadlallah warned Arabs and Muslims that allowing to target any Muslim country, will provide the opportunity to target another Muslim country.
He pointed out that Muslim people should stand together against all the forces of hegemony in the world, as it seeks to resolve the outstanding problems among them.
His Eminence pointed out that the enemy strains to take advantage of every minute, when Arabs and Muslims have their differences among themselves, to work to change the character of Quds and targeting al-Aqsa Mosque, and crawl towards the rest of the sites in the West Bank.
"Unfortunately, this happens without a single meeting to call for Palestine by the Arab League, which keeps its meetings to other accounts". He added
Fadlallah saw in the recent threats against the Islamic Republic of Iran, a new attempt to take advantage of the imbalance experienced by the nation, to put pressure on this site, which stands firm against the arrogant policy in the region, and holds the Palestinian issue, and sustains all the forces of resistance.
On the other hand, His Eminence stressed on the need for dialogue in Bahrain, as the only solution way.

Deputy President of the Higher Lebanese Islamic Shiite Council, Sheikh Abdul Amir Kabalan pointed out that Lebanon is living in an injustice, tyranny and chaos.
"We want from Arab and Islamic regimes to operate for the good of its people, in particular that our country is vulnerable to abuses by "Israel" the enemies of God and man. He said
His Emninece added that Israel conspired on us in our home and we should not be conspiring on each others.
"Israel is our first enemy, which broadcasts the strife in our country, thus we have to fortify our unity and our cooperation and our work for the stability." He stressed
Kabalan called Muslims to be united in the face of foreign colonialism, who threat the Arab and Islamic nation, and focuses on threading the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Top cleric declared that Western countries, especially USA, should know that the injustice will be backfires on it, adding that the Western systems know that Iran is a big call for goodness and love".

In his turn, Sheikh Afif Nabulsi considered that any strike on Iran, would turn into a disaster on the heads of the aggressors and the "Israeli" entity to remove it completely from existence.
He pointed to the approaching conflict between America and "Israel" and their allies on the one hand and Iran and Syria and the Palestinian resistance and the Lebanese on the other.
His Eminence praise the letter of His Eminence Imam Khamenei, who responded to the "Israeli threats" decisively and unequivocal language.
Nabulsi Believed that the political and diplomatic escalation which is associated with a huge media campaign, aims to make the region unrest and push it into strife and sectarian and religious conflicts between the so-called minority and majority, and Arabs, Persians, Muslims and Christians in the framework of the division project which has become an American commitment to protect "Israel" from any Arab or Islamic forces.

For his part, President of the Legitimate Council of Hezbollah, Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek described the Martyr's Day by the treaty to conserve achievements of blood.
He said that the resistance was able to change Lebanon from weak into strong, by its Martyrs and wise leadership and proved that the strength of Lebanon is in its resistance and unity of its people and its army, which is today ready to face any danger.
His Eminence highly praised the firm and unequivocal response from Imam Khamenei which "would be strong against the aggressors who will receive a strong slap in the face leading to the fall of their conspiratorial structure and to remove Israel off the map".
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