Publish date12 May 2021 - 13:28
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Evictions against Palestinians confirm apartheid in Israel: HRW

Planned expulsions of Palestinian residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem confirm the reality of apartheid facing millions of Palestinians, according to the Human Rights Watch.
Evictions against Palestinians confirm apartheid in Israel: HRW
"Planned Sheikh Jarrah evictions stem from an Israeli government policy of 'maintaining a solid Jewish majority' in Jerusalem (amp; target demographic ratios btw Jewish Israelis amp; Palestinians there it has set out) amp; underscore reality of apartheid that millions of Palestinians face," Omar Shakir, Israel and Palestine director of the watchdog, said on Twitter.
Noting that a major escalation is underway in Palestine and Israel with significant human rights implications, he said the watchdog was investigating the events.
"Israeli government moving to evict Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah under law allowing Jewish Israelis to takeover their homes based on prior ownership claim," he said.
Shakir said this would displace families who had been made refugees and barred by law from reclaiming the land previously taken from them.
According to the Palestinian Red Crescent, at least 334 people were injured on Monday as Israeli forces fired rubber-coated bullets, tear gas, and stun grenades at Palestinians on guard to prevent possible raids by extremist Jews.
At least 24 Palestinians, including nine children, were also killed in the Gaza Strip in Israeli airstrikes conducted on Monday, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.
Tensions have run high in the Sheikh Jarrah area since last week as Israeli settlers swarmed in after an Israeli court ordered the eviction of Palestinian families.
Palestinians protesting in solidarity with the residents of Sheikh Jarrah have been targeted by Israeli forces. Hundreds of protesters have been injured in the course of events.
Israel occupied East Jerusalem during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war and annexed the entire city in 1980 -- a move that has never been recognized by the international community.
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