Publish date17 Nov 2011 - 10:53
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American support of Israel in every step

Congress proposal against Iran

TNA - Beirut
Congress proposal against Iran
Despite the commitment of the administration of President Barack Obama's on diplomatic option regarding Tehran and its repeated requests from the Zionist entity not to undertake any offensive action alone against Iran's nuclear facilities, members of the Republican Party in the U.S. Congress are  seeking to pass a proposed law that requires American support of Israel in every step it find correct in order to protect itmself, against what the proposal call the "Iranian nuclear threat". 

The proposal was initiated to the Congress "Republican-controlled", by five Republican members who visited last week and met with members of the Zionist Knesset members. 

The proposal which passed in the process of enacting a preliminary discussion in the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Congress, is intended to show support for <Israel's> right to protect its sovereignty and protect the lives and security of the citizens of <Israel> and use all necessary means to face the nuclear threat coming from the Islamic Republic of Iran including recourse to military force in the absence of other diplomatic means in the near-term timeframe.
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