Publish date17 Nov 2011 - 11:47
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U.S. banks maintain its relations with Iran

TNA - Beirut
U.S. banks maintain its relations with Iran
A pessimistic outlook for Israel was presented by the American and former official in the Ministry of Finance, the financial expert,Avi Joreish about the possibility of imposing sanctions against the Iranians energy and banking sectors, this view is due of American fears of a reflection of sucj sanctions on oil prices in the fragile experienced stage by the U.S. and global economies.

According to Avi Joreish, until a year ago 59 banks worldwide had trade relations with Iran, that number had dropped to less than 20 commercial bank that practice public relations with Tehran. He said the U.S. independent sanctions against Iran bans on individuals, banks and international companies to establish relationships in the field of energy with Tehran. The list of these prohibitions have included more than 250 person and company around the world and according to the orders of expansion prohibition published by the U.S. President Barack Obama.

Joreish added that it is true that U.S. law prohibits these companies to communicate with Iran, but in terms of the actual picture it is more complex, many U.S. banks still maintaining its relations with Iranian entities by devious ways especially through other banks around the world.
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