Publish date7 Jul 2024 - 11:18
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Hezbollah leader felicitates Iran’s president-elect

The Secretary General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement has felicitated Iran’s president elect emphasizing that the movement will maintain the path of resistance with the Islamic Republic under the new president.
Hezbollah leader felicitates Iran’s president-elect
The Lebanese resistance movement’s Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah made the remarks in a congratulatory statement addressed to Pezeshkian on Saturday.

Pezeshkian, a former health minister, came victorious out of the Islamic Republic’s run-off presidential vote earlier in the day.

He received upwards of 16 million votes against ex-nuclear negotiator Jalili, who secured more than 13 million out of over 30 million votes cast.

“I congratulate you on this blessed election by the dear and honorable Iranian people, and I ask God Almighty to protect you, help you, guide you, and enable you to achieve the hopes and aspirations of these loyal people and their sacrifices,” Nasrallah’s message read.

The Hezbollah leader noted how the movement and its fellow resistance factions throughout the region had been waging “an open confrontation with the Zionist occupation forces and the American hegemonic project for many years.”

Hezbollah, he added, had always looked to Iran as a “strong and stable support base” for the resistance elements and the oppressed people ever since the victory of the country’s Islamic Revolution under the founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini.

“Your Excellency, we will remain on this path with you, God willing, until we achieve final victory, the main pillar of which will be a strong, dear, and powerful Islamic Iran.”

The Islamic Republic has invariably served as source of support for the regional resistance groups amid the Israeli regime’s incessant and often deadly aggression against the Palestinian people and the United States’ unwavering patronage for the occupying regime.
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