Publish date25 Sep 2021 - 11:31
Story Code : 520150

Iran's second fuel carrying ship for Lebanon arrives in Syria

Iran's second fuel carrying tanker ship has arrived in Syria on route to Lebanon amid the dire economic situation in the country, Hezbollah resistance movement announced.
Lebanese resistance movement announced in a statement it released on Friday that the fuel tanker bound to Beirut has arrived in the Syrian northwestern port city of Baniyas at 10 pm on Thursday.
This is while a convoy of trucks carrying Iranian oil had entered Lebanese soil from Syria through crossing in Hermel region late on Wednesday.
Top Hezbollah official had stressed that the decision to import fuel from Iran was meant to preserve the dignity of Lebanese nation.
Ibrahim Amin al-Sayyed, head of Hezbollah's political bureau, had slammed Lebanese officials for failure to meet the demands of people and said," We cannot count on failed cowards to address people's woes" and added," We will therefore act ourselves with regards to fuel or anything to do with people's lives."
The first shipment of Iranian oil bound for Lebanon arrived in the country on September 16 amid warm welcome by the Lebanese nation and Hezbollah resistance movement hailing the move for breaking the "American siege."
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