Publish date22 Jun 2024 - 15:08
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UN official describes presence in Gaza as being ‘locked in a world of devastation’

An official from the Palestine office of the UN Women said what she saw in Gaza defies description describing an experience of visiting Gaza Strip as ‘being locked into a world of devastation’.
UN official describes presence in Gaza as being ‘locked in a world of devastation’
Maryse Guimond, speaking at a UN press briefing after completion of a one-week mission in Gaza explained the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the besieged Strip after nearly nine months of the war that began on October 7.
“Homes, hospitals, schools, universities, daycare centers have been demolished. As you move toward the middle area, you see crowds of people — men, women, and children — in makeshift tents, trapped in a world of scarcity.”

She said that more than 1 million people in Gaza are in constant displacement, and nowhere is safe for women and girls in Gaza, many of whom have already been displaced multiple times.

Guimond said people are moving to any available open space, including roads, agricultural land, and damaged buildings, as they are displaced into increasingly smaller areas that are unable and unequipped to support them.

“After nearly nine months of war, the population has been almost entirely dispossessed of the means and capacities to ensure food security, shelter, health, and livelihood,” she explained.

“Women were asking me, ‘When can we go back to our homes?’ Each displacement has brought more loss and fear,” said Guimond, noting that “Gaza is more than two million stories of loss.”
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