Publish date9 Jun 2024 - 15:06
Story Code : 638542

UNRWA warns of cholera outbreak in war-torn Gaza

The Commissioner-General of the UN agency for Palestinians (UNRWA) has expressed concern about the risk of diseases such as cholera spreading in the war-stricken Gaza Strip.
UNRWA warns of cholera outbreak in war-torn Gaza
Philippe Lazzarini, during his visit to the German capital, Berlin, to garner more support for the organization, spoke about the almost "hopeless" situation for the residents of the Gaza Strip.
The UN official emphasized the urgent need to address famine and the deteriorating situation in the south.
Lazzarini also voiced his concern about children in the region, stating, "We have around 600,000 school-age children in Gaza, and a top priority is getting them back to learning."
The warning by the UNRWA Commissioner-General comes as Israeli regime has been waging its genocidal war against Gaza Strip for over eight months leaving the besieged territory in ruins.
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