Publish date6 Dec 2023 - 15:58
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US-run Ain al-Asad base comes under Iraqi resistance drone attack

An Iraqi military base used by US forces have come under drone attack by resistance forces over Washington’s complicity in Israeli bloodshed of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
US-run Ain al-Asad base comes under Iraqi resistance drone attack
The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an umbrella group of anti-terror fighters, in a statement published on its Telegram channel on Wednesday, claimed responsibility for the attack on Ain al-Asad Air Base, located about 160 kilometers (100 miles) west of the capital Baghdad.

It said the base was targeted by a combat drone and that the missiles “directly hit their targets.”

The group noted that the drone strike was carried out in retaliation for US support of Israel’s bloody war against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which has killed at least 16,248 people, including 4,885 women and 7,112 children.

Another 43,616 people have been wounded as well. More than 7,600 individuals are reported missing, who may have died or been trapped under the rubble waiting to be rescued.

There were no immediate reports about the extent of damage at the US-run Ain al-Asad Air Base, or possible casualties.

The United States, Israel’s biggest ally, has provided the regime with arms and ammunition since the initiation of the Gaza war.

The US House of Representatives on November 2 passed a standalone $14.3-billion military assistance package for Israel. The legislation, however, is yet to clear the Senate. 

Washington has also vetoed United Nations Security Council resolutions that called on the occupying regime to cease its aggression.

Iraqi resistance groups have vowed to continue retaliatory attacks against US forces in the region as long as Israel is killing Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
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