Publish date21 Nov 2023 - 15:45
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Palestine al-Yawm journalist:

“Operation al-Aqsa Flood once again united Muslim world”

An achievement of the operation al-Aqsa Storm was that once again the world of Islam united in support of Palestine and the resistance especially following much western struggles to disunite the bloc.
“Operation al-Aqsa Flood once again united Muslim world”
Mazen al Sharei’, Palestine al-Yawm journalist, in his speech at the third edition of the webinar on Operation al-Aqsa Storm entitled “Gaza, Epitome of Resistance and Perseverance” hailed the heroic resistance of the Palestinians in the face of Israeli atrocities and stressed such crimes will not bring any achievements for the Zionist regime, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He lauded the operation al-Aqsa Storm for once again uniting the Muslim world in support of the Palestine and resistance as an achievement particularly following much struggle by enemies to disunite the Islamic countries.
The media expert called the operation al-Aqsa Flood a landmark in the regional and international developments and said the operation will not only leave its impacts on the present and future situation of the Israeli regime but also the entire region and the international arena will be subject to great changes.
He stressed that the operation revealed the dual policies of the pro-Israel countries claimants of human rights in their response to the crimes in Gaza and the developments in Ukraine.
Mazen al Sharei’ also lauded the pro-Palestine rallies held across the globe for reviving the issue of Palestine in the minds of people and proving that the efforts for normalization of relations with Israel have been all to no avail.
He concluded that the crimes committed against Palestinians have brought the regime to disrepute and condemned the regime for violating all human and international laws.
The Palestine al-Yawm journalist made the remarks in the webinar on operation al-Aqsa Flood held by Iran’s World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought.
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