Publish date21 Nov 2023 - 14:16
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Gaza carnage, century’s biggest crime by US-backed Israel

An Iranian cultural figure has called on the Islamic countries to cut the ways for transfer of oil and supplies to Israel amid its bloodshed of the Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.
Gaza carnage, century’s biggest crime by US-backed Israel
Sayyed Ahmad Zarhani, the Deputy of Prayer Secretariat, in his speech at the third edition of webinar entitled “Oppressed Gaza, Epitome of Resistance and Perseverance” has condemned as “century’s biggest crime” the Israeli killing campaign against Palestinians in Gaza, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He slammed what he called the catastrophic, saddening and irreparable aspects” of Israeli crimes committed in Gaza expressing sorrow over thousands of civilian fatalities, mainly children and women, in Gaza.
Iranian thinker slammed the “neutral role” of the United Nations Security Council regarding the catastrophic situation in Gaza due to the treachery of the United States and its allies.
He said,” The confrontation in Gaza is a face off of the right and the evil” hailing the global rallies held in support of the Palestinians who have had no way but to defend their lands.
Zarhani added that the inspiration behind the operation al-Aqsa Storm is to revenge more than seven decades of Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians and their targeting of the civilians in hospitals, mosques, schools and also the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip amid the ongoing war.
He said,” The hell made for the Gazans by Israel and the US is a violation of all human rights and will remain an unforgiveable dark record for them both.”
Iranian cultural figure called on the parliaments of the Islamic countries to unite with the Organization of Islamic Cooperations (OIC) to establish a joint army in the face of such enemies, as Yemeni army and Hezbollah resistance are helping the Palestinians.
Zarhani also urged the world of Islam to follow a logical and appropriate approach to prevent the US expanding the Gaza war into World War III.
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