Publish date19 Nov 2023 - 13:16
Story Code : 615180

We lend no ear to cowards supporting US presence in Iraq

Secretary General of al-Nujaba resistance movement called as “cowards” those supporting the presence of US forces in Iraq and said Washington is mulling withdrawal of its forces under the resistance attacks on its bases.
We lend no ear to cowards supporting US presence in Iraq
Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi, condemned in strongest terms the shameful stance of those defending US presence in Iraq and said we lend no ear to the cowards who support presence of occupation forces in our country, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
The cleric hailed the successful drone and missile attacks staged by Iraqi resistance forces targeting the Israeli settlements as well as US bases in Iraq and Syria.
He referred to the massive demonstrations held by Iraqi people demanding withdrawal of the foreign forces and liberation of the Arab country.
Al-Kaabi said,” Withdrawal of the occupiers will put an end to all intrigues and poverty in Iraq and our country will move towards prosperity, freedom, stability and sovereignty of the nation.”
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