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Afghan Thinker: main problem with Islamic world is extremist terrorism as a result of ignorance

Afghan Thinker Sheikh Javad Salehi says the main problem with the world of Islam today is extremist terrorism as a result of ignorance. So, all members of Islamic society are required to pay special attention to fighting this issue.
Afghan Thinker: main problem with Islamic world is extremist terrorism as a result of ignorance

The full speech comes as follows:
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
My Lord! Uplift my heart for me, and make my task easy, and remove the impediment from my tongue so people may understand my speech.
First of all, let me thank dear audience, dignitaries and officials in charge of organizing the 37th Islamic Unity Conference, especially revered Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, his excellency Mr. Dr. Shahriari.
Thanks God Almighty, since its establishment, the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought has been able to grant noble values to Islamic community and present practical solutions to the problems, which could create problems for Islamic communities. The strategies are provided through Islamic Unity conferences, issuing statements, consultations and orders.
In Afghanistan, which we have for several decades been witnessing enormous problems like war and terrorism, the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought has provided breakthroughs, that resulted in Islamic brotherhood of people. Fortunately, the brotherhood bond has tackled many problems facing Afghan community.
Over recent years we have been witnessing a noble value, i.e., religious brotherhood, in certain regions of Afghanistan. People are working and living in such an atmosphere through cooperation and solidarity. They have been able to lead a peaceful life through cooperation. They built various dams, water dams, to remove problems of farmers and also to set up electricity networks, and linking roads, provide drinking water and forge other Islamic brotherhood issues. Other members of society’s growing contribution of to this charity issue has provided special friendship atmosphere in Islamic community of Afghanistan; however, the main problem with the world of Islam today is extremist terrorism as a result of ignorance. As you know, major crisis in political and social sphere in the world of Islam is extremist terrorism. So, all members of Islamic society are required to pay special attention to fighting this issue.
The fundamental work that is expected to be done in this environment is wise training based on Islamic injunctions. Holy Quran also considers a special position for this issue and names rationality as an important issue ahead of the personal and social life. So, to have valuable achievement for society, human training should be on right basis. Nothing is as valuable as wisdom because that’s logic which discriminates good and bad for us. Moreover, it is selfishness drags man to extremism; so, it can serve as a factor to organize personal and social life.
First of all, we should discuss main elements of extremism and terrorism, based on which starting logical training based on the view of Islam.
The first element in this row is mental element, which may institutionalize terrorism and extremism in a person, making him/her prepared for the next factor which is the real and behavioral element.
So, if we fail to fill mental space of children, kids, young adults and youth with lofty values of Islam and fill them with rationality, those will be social networks to easily put terrorism and extremism in minds of children, kids, young adults and youth well. So, we should be mobilized for training of members of our religious community; otherwise, real and behavioral actions will be the next phase. The first phase causes terror and intimidation and the second component are crime and wrath.
Therefore, if terror and crime is seen in every corner of Islamic community, certainly that is the atmosphere for growth of terrorism and extremism.
So, we should mobilize efforts to remove the problem. It is duty of all Muslims and members of communities to pay special attention to the issue and not to let such an atmosphere grow. Followed by the two elements, it is the third element, which is norms. The element of norms grows when extremism and terrorism find a foothold in a society with a religious component to present components of life values.
They spread their own view in personal and social lives; they consider themselves an authority, having magical influence in personal and social lives. Therefore, Islamic rationality, being based on Quranic injunctions, can be an effective breakthrough in campaign against terrorism and extremism. So, wisdom is the only strategy which works well in such an atmosphere as it understands values and discriminates good and bad, leading to elevation of man and his reward and punishment. Especially, in presence of wisdom, commitment to religion manifest. We think wisdom and commitment to religion are complementary to each other and when they lead to public friendship and love, the people lead a peaceful life. Therefore, Islamic rationality presented through Quranic injunctions will appear as the most constructive style of rationality, thus finding a position and as a result, Islamic values are institutionalized.
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says, “The asset, stemming from wisdom, can be loving public after commitment to religion. So, loving other people marks a value in an atmosphere of wisdom. Such a value should be institutionalized in our Islamic communities because if such a wise training is not seen in an atmosphere of value, instances of religious extremism would be observed. We will witness prejudices and intellectual maladies, monopolistic rights and opposition to understanding. We will even feel instances of extremism in our life. So, we should pay special attention to wise training. Otherwise, God forbids not, they will bring unnecessary issues and what they consider important into private and social life, being illogically tough. They may present a special idea, thus absorbing a group of followers and we may observe extremism in our religious community.  Therefore, religious extremism and terrorism are important issues that we should take them into consideration in the wise training atmosphere. This can be an issue facing the world of Islam, requiring us to interpret them in light of actions and ideas of prophets and interests of Islamic communities. We should definitely make society aware of the dangers of extremism and terrorism that jeopardize our Islamic community. We should have constant presence in the scene to present values, based on injunctions of Islam and through wise training we can lift problems one after another, thus following peaceful religious life in light of Islamic injunctions.
 Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you all.
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