Publish date24 Jul 2023 - 10:21
Story Code : 601337

People in Pakistan condemn desecration of Qur’an in Sweden

People across Pakistan have held nationwide protest against desecration of holy Qur’an, the second of such blasphemous act in less than a month.
People in Pakistan condemn desecration of Qur’an in Sweden
Pakistani protesters called the Muslim world to cut ties with Sweden and to expel Swedish ambassador from their respective countries.
Protesters vowed continuation of efforts to protect the holy book of Islam. They slammed the double standard of Europe which bans talks about the Holocaust but authorizes desecration of holy Qur’an under the pretext of freedom of expression.
Religio-political groups in Pakistan also demanded severing all diplomatic relations with Sweden calling on the United Nations to legislate against desecration of holy books including Qur’an.
Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif pledged to launch a campaign to end blasphemy of the holy books. He also vowed that his government would have create a common strategy to eliminate Islamophobia with the help of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).
Muslims across the globe have been outraged by repeated desecration of holy Qur’an in recent months. They are in unison that such measures aim to provoke Muslims and undermine Islam.  
An Iraqi refugee has desecrated the holy book of Islam twice authorized by the Swedish officials and protected by the police.
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