Publish date2 Jul 2023 - 9:48
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Syria intercepts, shoots down Israeli missiles over Homs

Syrian defenses have shot down Israeli missiles as Tel Aviv launched new round of attacks against the city of Homs.
Syria intercepts, shoots down Israeli missiles over Homs
Citing a military source, the official Syrian Arab News Agency, SANA, said the air raid was carried out at around 00:20 local time on Sunday.

The Israeli military staged the airstrike "from the direction of the northeast [of the Lebanese capital city] of Beirut targeting some areas in the vicinity of the city of Homs," the military source said.

Following the strike, Syrian air defenses responded by intercepting the incoming Israeli missiles midair and shooting down most of them.

The air raid only led to some material damage; the source concluded.

A spokesperson for the Israeli military claimed that the regime’s warplanes targeted a Syrian air defense battery from which an anti-aircraft missile had earlier been launched towards the occupied territories, causing no casualties.
The new strike followed a mid-June missile attack by the regime on the Syrian capital city of Damascus.

That strike came from the direction of Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, leaving one Syrian soldier with serious injuries and causing some material damage. 

Israel frequently attacks the positions of Syria's military and its allies since 2011, when the Arab country found itself in the grip of rampant foreign-backed violence and terrorism.

The regime's attacks mostly target the positions of Syria's allies that have been aiding the country in its uphill battle against foreign-sponsored terror groups.

Damascus has repeatedly complained to the United Nations over the Israeli assaults, urging the world body's Security Council to take action against Tel Aviv’s crimes. Its demands, however, have fallen on deaf ears.
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