>> Taiwan targets Chinese drones for first time | Taghribnews (TNA)
Publish date31 Aug 2022 - 10:18
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Taiwan targets Chinese drones for first time

Taiwan has targeted Chinese drone flying near its offshore island with warning shots for the first time on Tuesday.
Taiwan targets Chinese drones for first time
Soldiers on Kinmen shot at a Chinese drone for the first time on Tuesday afternoon, the Army Kinmen Defence Command claimed. The uncrewed vehicle then flew away in the direction of Xiamen, it added.

This comes as Beijing has not commented on Taiwan's statement.

The new round of tensions in Taiwan began after Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, traveled to the island on August 2, despite the warnings of the Chinese authorities; A trip that, according to Chinese officials, violated the "One China" policy.

Less than two weeks after Pelosi's trip, several American senators visited the island in another provocative action. 

In reaction to Washington's actions, the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Washington asked the US government to immediately stop the sale of military weapons to Taiwan.
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