Publish date4 Jul 2022 - 23:59
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Iran, Azerbaijan affirm strong ties, based on good neighborliness

Foreign Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan says relations between Iran and Azerbaijan are based on neighborliness, brotherhood and cultural commonality.
Iran, Azerbaijan affirm strong ties, based on good neighborliness

"We agreed to follow up half-completed joint projects and new projects were defined. Good agreements were made regarding the joint production of cars and agricultural tools," he pointed.

"The north-south corridor project is of special importance and Azerbaijan is ready to fulfill its mission in completing the project and the Rasht-Astara railway," he said.
In March 2022, in the joint economic commission meeting, the eastern Zangezur region was discussed, and hopefully, the construction of the first bridge in this region will begin in the near future," the Azeri foreign minister highlighted.
"Today, we emphasized the importance of the Persian Gulf, Black Sea corridor, and the role of Iran, Azerbaijan and Georgia in completing this corridor was also noted."
"After the 44-day war, which ended the occupation of Azerbaijani lands after thirty years, we are looking for peace, stability and economic cooperation in this region, and we want to normalize relations with Armenia," Bayramov stressed.
"We also announced our readiness to determine the central borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan and we want the return of war refugees," he added.
"We entrusted the construction of a hospital and a school to Iran, and the presence of Iranian companies in industrial towns and their financial exemptions have been investigated."
"The issue of the environment is very important, and the Republic of Azerbaijan has suffered a lot of environmental damage, and it has been proven for us that this is due to the pollution that flows into the Aras River," he said.
"We support Iran's position in cooperation in regional platforms, including three plus three, which will be hosted by Iran," he concluded.
Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs said that during meeting with his Azeri counterpart the territorial integrity of the two sides was discussed and Iran expressed support for the settlement of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict through dialogue.

Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian in his joint presser with his Azeri counterpart said that this trip was done in the framework of consultations in Tehran and Baku.
According to Iran's foreign minister, the presidents of the two countries had two meetings in the last ten months and had bilateral talks regarding the new stage of development of relations.
"In today's talks, the issue of the territorial integrity of the countries, including the Republic of Azerbaijan, was discussed, and we also expressed our support for the settlement of Nagorno-Karabakh issue through dialogue.", Amir-Abdollahian stated.
 He further noted: "We believe that the regional formats of the two countries and other countries should be taken into consideration."
Iran's FM elsewhere said that soon, a trilateral meeting of Turkey, Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan will be held in Tehran at the level of foreign ministers.
 Furthermore; Iran's top diplomat said: "A note was received regarding the request of the President of Azerbaijan for his visit, and we welcome his visit."
Energy and transit are two important issues between the two countries, and the Minister of Energy will open two dams during his upcoming visit to Azerbaijan.
 According to Amir-Abdollahian, the exchange of electricity between the two countries with the aim of strengthening energy security between Iran and Azerbaijan was agreed, which will be finalized during the visit of the Minister of Energy.
The contamination of Aras border river and related environmental concerns were among the issues raised today.
Amir- Abdollahian finally noted: "We agreed that the people of the two countries will also feel progress and the citizens of the two countries and businessmen will be able to carry out their missions easily."

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