Publish date13 Oct 2021 - 15:27
Story Code : 522490

Int'l Union of Muslim Scholars to voice support for India, Kashmir Muslims

International Union of Muslim Scholars has scheduled to hold conference on the plight of the Muslims in India and Kashmir.
The international union will hold the meeting in cooperation with a number of institutes and Islamic associations with the theme of "Muslim Scholars, Aid Indian Muslims", reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
A number of prominent scholars from across the globe will attend the virtual meeting on Thursday October 14 to be broadcasted live on the Facebook and satellite channels.
Ali Qaradaghi, secretary general of the Muslim scholars condemned the systematic violence, abuse and massacre of Muslims in India.
He denounced the abuse of Muslims rights in India describing that as "state terrorism."
According to the latest reports Indian authorities have evacuated thousands of Muslims from the northeastern Indian state of Assam and razed down their homes under the pretext of construction in state property.
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