Publish date26 Sep 2021 - 11:05
Story Code : 520311

7 dead, wounded in ISIL fresh attack on Diyala

Three people have lost their lives and four more wounded as ISIL terrorists attacked a position of Iraqi forces in Diyala Province on Sunday, Iraqi sources announced.
7 dead, wounded in ISIL fresh attack on Diyala
The remnant members of ISIL terrorist group in Iraq launched the attack Iraqi local media reported.
Sabereen News reported at least one security force was martyred and two others were wounded as heavy clashes erupted between the ISIL forces and Iraqi security forces in Al Hadd al Akhdar village on Sunday morning.
Following that the media added that the number of fatalities had risen to three and four people were injured.
Hashd al-Sha'abi fighters and Iraqi security forces conduct weekly operations to clean the major provinces of Kirkuk, Saladdin, Diyala, al-Anbar and Mosul from ISIL terrorists.
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