Publish date24 Jul 2021 - 16:11
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Hezbollah official:

Resistance, Lebanese nation united against enemies

Head of the executive council of Hezbollah hailed the great support of Iran for the resistance movement in Lebanon and stressed the resistance and Lebanese nation have been in the same position against the intrigues during the past 40 years.
Resistance, Lebanese nation united against enemies
Seyyed Hashim Safi eddin, head of Hezbollah executive council in an interview with Al-Manar television referred to the different aspects of the 2006 Israeli war stressing the unity of Lebanese nation and resistance groups against the intriguers, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Seyyed Hashim Safi eddin noted that the resistance movement fully proved its capabilities in media and psy-war against the enemies to the point that Israeli regime confessed the supremacy of the resistance media in that war.
Sheikh Saffi eddin also hailed the contributions of the resistance movement for the displaced Lebanese people during the 2006 war and their constant support for the displaced people in the country and those residing in Syria.
Hezbollah top official lauded the contributions of the Islamic Republic during reconstruction of the areas destructed during Israeli aggression.
He highlighted the unified stance of Hezbollah and Lebanese nation against the enemies during the past four decades.
Senior Lebanese cleric vowed that the plots by enemies will not materialize since the people trust the leadership and resistance movement Hezbollah.
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