Publish date15 Jun 2021 - 9:36
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Israeli regime reportedly deeply concerned over resistance reaction to flag march

Israeli regime is deeply concerned over Palestinian resistance movements’ reaction to the controversial flag march by Israeli extremists to be held in Jerusalem al-Quds.
Israeli regime reportedly deeply concerned over resistance reaction to flag march
By staging the march, the far-right Israelis intend to show their support for the regime’s bogus claim to the Palestinian territories. Palestinian groups and many others have called the event a means of enraging the Palestinians and insulting the Muslim sanctities in the city.

The March is expected to go ahead on Tuesday.

It was once called off last month amid a fragile ceasefire between the regime and the resistance groups in the Gaza Strip. The regime had desperately demanded the ceasefire after the resistance targeted it with more than 4,000 rockets in response to its provocations in the nearby Palestinian territory of the West Bank, where al-Quds is located.

The Israeli regime’s Hebrew-language newspaper Maariv said Tel Aviv was reinforcing its so-called Iron Dome missile system in the run-up to the march.

The resistance’s rockets managed to pierce right through the weapon system last month, flying across the entire occupied territories, causing millions of dollars in damage, and leaving 11 Israelis dead.

The regime’s Channel 13 also cited Israeli army chief of staff Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi as requiring army officers to prepare themselves for the prospect of an escalation.

Internal security minister Omer Bar-Lev, meanwhile, said Israeli ministers had recently concluded a meeting aimed at assessing the situation in al-Quds.

The meeting decided that the march had to go underway in line with the arrangements that had been made between the police and the organizers, he said. Bar-Lev was apparently signaling the regime’s intense efforts to prevent the marchers from stirring the already volatile situation in the city.
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