Publish date9 Jun 2021 - 11:35
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Tehran announces readiness to facilitate peace in Yemen, Afghanistan

Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has announced Tehran's preparation to facilitate Yemen and Afghanistan peace talks.
Tehran announces readiness to facilitate peace in Yemen, Afghanistan
In a tweet on Tuesday evening, Zarif pointed to his meetings with UN representatives for Yemen and Afghanistan.

“Fruitful talks with UNSG SRs on Afghanistan, Mr. Arnault, and on Yemen, Mr. Griffiths,” he wrote, also posting photos of the meetings.

“Key theme: Peace processes must be owned by all Afghans and Yemenis—without external imposition,” he explained, adding, “Important common denominator: Iran seeks regional peace and stability. Ready to facilitate.”
Iran ready to facilitate peace in Yemen, Afghanistan
In the meeting with Griffiths, Zarif explained the views of the Islamic Republic of Iran on ending the crisis in Yemen, stressing the need to lift the siege of the Yemeni people and facilitate the provision of humanitarian aid to them.

Stating that war is not the solution to the Yemeni crisis, he added, "We can end the current miserable situation in Yemen, which has exposed the Yemeni people to a humanitarian catastrophe only through political dialogue and peaceful means."

And during talks with Jean Arnault on the same day, the Iranian minister emphasized Iran's support for intra-Afghan talks and the protection of the achievements of the Afghan people over the past years, especially in the field of fundamental rights of the Afghan people.
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