Publish date16 Jun 2013 - 13:53
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Hujjat-ol-Islam Moballeghi:

Imam Hussein (As) exemplary for Islamic unity

Dean of University of Islamic Denominations praised third Shia Imam as an exemplary figure of Islamic unity called his period as a prominent chapter in the history of Islam.
Imam Hussein (As) exemplary for Islamic unity
Hujjat-ol-Islam Ahmad Moballeghi, dean of the University of Islamic Denominations Said uprising of Imam Hussein (AS) happened in a unified society that included both Islamic denominations and praised third Shia Imam as an example of Muslim unity, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He stressed the importance of studying history of Islam saying that early Islamic society was not divided into two different communities although it included both Shia and Sunni Muslims.

Head of Islamic Studies at Iran’s Parliament quoted Imam Hussein (AS) when he called Muslims in a unified Ummah (nation) rather than separating them with Shia or Sunni.

The cleric also referred to the uprising of Imam Hussein (AS) when his companions included both Shia and Sunni or when Imam.

“In fact uprising of Imam Hussin (AS) was in line to serve Islam and Muslim nation, without prejudice in favor of a particular denomination.” He said and added, ”That was an uprising in a unified society in line with boosting Islam.”

Prominent cleric said the uprising of third Shia Imam was a great achievement to strengthen Shia but its main focus was on Islam in general and not a certain Islamic school of thought.

“if the uprising of Imam Hussien (AS) had not happened, religious wars would have intensified to a great extent.” Hujjat-ol-Islam Moballeghi noted and called the movement a great service to Islam./HK
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