Publish date27 Nov 2023 - 13:56
Story Code : 616124

“Palestinian resistance undermined pompous authority of Israeli army”, cleric

A prominent Iranian cleric hailed the determination of the Islamic resistance and said Palestinian resistance front undermined the pompous Israeli army and world arrogant powers.
“Palestinian resistance undermined pompous authority of Israeli army”, cleric
Hujjat-ul-Islam Gholamreza Behrouzi Lak, member of the academic board at Bagher-ul-Olum University, said the determination of Islamic resistance front has raised the flag of Islam across the globe, therefore, the endeavors of the resistance movement should be highly valued, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said,” In fact it is the resistance movement which has saved the Islamic countries, particularly Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and Syria, from atrocities by Takfiri groups.”
The cleric noted,” The factor that has raised the flag of Islam in the world is the determined move by the Islamic resistance across the region; therefore, the value of the move made by the resistance should be highlighted.”
According to the Iranian cleric among the achievements of the resistance are putting an end to the invincibility myth of Israeli army, staging operation al-Aqsa Storm in the occupied lands and also the military technologies achieved by the front.
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