Publish date11 May 2023 - 14:00
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“American version of human rights smells of blood”, cleric

An Iranian Sunni scholar says the US has been claiming to be a defendant of human rights though it is constantly beating the drums of war against it.
“American version of human rights smells of blood”, cleric
Molavi Khalil Narouei, a scholar at the University of Islamic Denominations in Iran’s northern city of Gonbad-e Kavus, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) said the so-called human rights defended by the United States smells of blood and crimes.
He said,” What type of human rights is the version the US claims to defend? Are not the Muslims in Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan human beings? Do not they have any rights? Under which pretext does the United States deprive the children of their dreams? With which reasoning do they leave the parents mourning for their children?”
The prayer leader of Ramian County in Golestan Province stressed that the true human rights exists in Islam as the Islamic laws are perfect and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is the blessing for the entire world.
He noted,” The American style of human rights should be sought in the dark record of the US in behaving the civilians in Iraq, Syria and other countries” and added,” A slight ponder will bring us home that the US has left nothing for the Islamic countries but looting of national and natural assets and destruction of their infrastrutues.”
He said,” Millions of the oppressed and defenseless people in Islamic countries were slaughtered in their own homes, men and women were disrespected and the children’s dreams turned into nightmare; therefore, it is a shame that a country like the US, with this dark background and crimes should be a claimant of human rights.”
According to the Iranian Sunni scholar, Muslims should seek the human rights in the essence of Islam which is the religion of peace and friendship for the entire world.
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