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On 44th anniversary of Islamic Revolution of Iran:

"Islamic revolution, main factor behind awakening of nations", Muslim scholar

Director of Nabi Akram Islamic center in Sydney, Australia expressed that Islamic revolution of Iran awakened many countries and nations and a world should be controlled by the middle class.
"Islamic revolution, main factor behind awakening of nations", Muslim scholar
Sayed Ahmad Zaki Housaini, director of Nabi Akram Islamic center in Sydney, Australia, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) conducted on the relation to Islamic Revolution of Iran and its impact on global arrogance, said: “This revolution brought so many changes throughout Muslim world especially in the middle east.”
“The revolution was a major factor of awakening Muslims and non-Muslims to rise and to stand for their rights against arrogance”, he continued.
He emphasized that Islam is a religion of fundamental changes and said: “This religion introduces monotheism tawhid, emphasizes the equality of ethnic group, was against social gap between rich and poor, dignified ladies and blacks and people who are oppressed as well as the children."
Sayed Ahmad Zaki Housaini clarified that countries like United States that use veto right or launch war in Vietnam, exploiting blacks as slaves in America, imposition of dictatorial regimes and lunch coup d'états like what they did in Iran, they all suffer from inferiority complex.
The religious scholar stated that these countries show arrogance and said: "We can tell them their mistakes and this is where there has to be major power to criticize these greedy and expansionist governments in order to reform themselves; if they are wise enough."
Islam; a mercy for the world

He noted that Muslims are against nobody as Allah says in the Holy Quran to the prophet that we did not send you except a mercy for the whole world.
Director of Nabi Akram Islamic center referred to a verse of the Holy Quran which talks about arrogance that says, "And the closest people and friendship and perfection to the believers to the Muslims are those who say we are Christians. This is there because there are scholars. There are peace and monks among these questions or are not arrogant.”
“Unfortunately, a minority in these societies are arrogantly trying to import their will and define their interests in a way that it harms other countries interests, what the Americans are doing in the Middle East”, he said.

Islamic Awakening spreading across Muslim world

He continued that 'Toynbee', the British historian said that Islam is like a lion and described: "Islamic revolution proved that this lion is awake and this awakening is spreading all over the Muslim world."
“Ayatollah Bagher Sadr said the establishment of the Islamic government is a necessity for the world civilization, and that's why enemies make a fake version of anything”, he said.
Pointing out that resistance of Iranian behind their government is a revolution itself, he said: “In no other country you find millions of people who come on the street and support their system."

Mentioning Imam Khomeini never failed against enemies, he said: "Even 'Jerusalem Post', the Israeli newspaper about two days after Imam Khomeini passed away wrote in an article that ‘the story of Khomeini is the story of success. He was able to defeat all his enemies."

“Imam Khomeini is the legacy, is a school of thought. His policy and practices, teachings and guidance are a candle which is lightening minds and hearts and eliminating cruelty and operation from our societies and systems”, the Islamic scholar said.
Middle Class should control the world 

This religious scholar described that a world that is run by one system, with no other system criticizing or correcting it, could be a cruel and boring world.
He invited countries to a very peaceful rational debate. in order to have a multicultural progressive system as that of the Quran.
Noting that a world should not be controlled just by capitalists, he said: “According to the prophet of Islam 'in everything the middle is the best', including in the classes of the society. The middle class is the best class in governing.”
“There are certain intelligent writers and intellectuals in the west that they admire the beauty of Islam as the Economist magazine in one of its articles about 25 years ago mentioned that the west need to learn an economical system which is not based on interest”, he added.
Director of Nabi Akram Islamic center concluded that the west should learn from Islam an interest free system of economy so that both sides learn from each other in order  to have a better world.
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