Publish date6 Nov 2022 - 13:45
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“Achieving unity can end conflicts in Muslim world”, Lebanese cleric

Senior Lebanese cleric referred to long years of conflict among different Islamic groups and noted materialization of Islamic unity could end clashes in Muslim world.
“Achieving unity can end conflicts in Muslim world”, Lebanese cleric
Sheikh Qazi Hunainah, prominent Lebanese Sunni scholar, in an interview conducted on the sideline of the 36th International Islamic Unity Conference called diversity of ideas as an innate part of Islam and a blessing from Almighty God, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said,” Ideological and Fiq’h diversity is permitted in Islam though what is not permitted is that the diversity leads to war and bloodshed among Muslims.”
The cleric noted,” We should admit that conflicts have erupted among Muslims for years and that materialization of Islamic unity could end all these clashes” and added,” Therefore, proximity does not translate to amalgamation of one Islamic group or denomination into others rather it means our melt down into Islam.”
“We see followers of different Islamic denominations performing Hajj in al-Haram Mosque and this is part of proximity that we admit others the way they are, without focusing on the ideas or disrespecting religious figures from other denominations” said Sheikh Qazi Hunainah.
Senior Lebanese cleric also referred to a fatwa (religious statement) issued by the late Imam Khomeini which mandates (Shia worshipers) prayer behind leaders at al-Haram Mosque (who are Sunni Muslims) and said,” Proximity is to revive connections in the Islamic nation, arraying the lines of Muslims and boosting cooperation in big issues of Muslim world.”
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