Publish date31 Oct 2022 - 12:57
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Indonesian scholar:

Muslim world fully cautious against Zionism

Indonesian university professor warned of challenges threatening the world of Islam and lauded Muslims being fully aware of Zionism.
Muslim world fully cautious against Zionism
Shafiq A. Mughni, professor of National Islamic University in Indonesia in an interview with IQNA conducted on the sideline of the 36th International Islamic Unity Conference said the world of Islam has perfectly understood the issue of Zionism and injustice prevailing in the Palestinian lands, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He expressed regret that some Muslim states signed the normalization deal with the Israeli regime and said,” The prevalence injustice in the Palestinian lands is quite obvious to all; therefore, we should bring justice to the Middle East and prevent further bloodshed of the Palestinians.”
The scholar counted division, lack of unified educational method for teaching Islamic values and also foreign enemies as three major challenges for the world of Islam.
Shafiq Mughni referred to division among Muslims as the first key issue challenging the world of Islam and urged all Muslims to unite in preserving the Islamic values.
“We are all aware that Islam is not a religion to bring happiness merely to Muslims but a religion for happiness of the entire humanity” he said.
The university professor noted,” Lack of a unified educational method in teaching Islamic principles is the second problem for Muslims.”
He said,” There are several outside powers who constantly pursue ways to misuse Muslims in order to guarantee their benefits and this is the third problem challenging all Muslims.”
Attending the annual International Islamic Unity Conference for the first time, Shafiq A. Mughni made the comments on the sideline of the 36th edition of the event held in the capital Tehran as hundreds of religious and political figures convened to discuss the latest challenges across Muslim world.
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