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Publish date8 Jul 2024 - 19:23
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144 colonists break into Aqsa mosque

144 Israeli colonists, under the protection of Israeli police, Monday morning broke into Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied Jerusalem.
144 colonists break into Aqsa mosque
During the incursion, Israeli police imposed restrictions on the entry of Palestinian worshippers to the mosque.
Additionally, Israeli police intensified the restrictions at the gates of the Old City, effectively turning the area into a military zone.
sraeli colonists today set up tents on residents’ lands in the village of Bitello, northwest of Ramallah.
A group of colonists stormed Mount Mustafa al-Ali in the village, set up tents and raised the flags of the occupying state in a apparent step for establishing a colonial outpost in that area.
Local sources said that the Israeli colonists have escalated their attacks since October 7th.
They have carried out 1,334 attacks in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, resulting in the killing of seven civilians.
From the beginning of 2024 until the end of June, the occupation authorities studied 83 structural plans to expand colonies or establish new ones, including 39 plans in West Bank and 44 in Jerusalem.
During the same period, colonists established 17 colonial outposts on residents’ lands, most of them pastoral, and were concentrated in the governorates of Ramallah, Al-Bireh, Nablus, Salfit, Bethlehem, Hebron, and Qalqilya.
The occupation authorities further legalized 11 colonial outposts in the West Bank, according to the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission. 
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