Publish date8 Jul 2024 - 16:20
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Expansion of Ties with Neighbors, Region; President Raisi's Achievements

 The Spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said relations with the neighboring and regional countries were one of the main achievements of late President Raisi's administration as with the snap presidential election the time of Iran's 13th government is approaching to its end.
Expansion of Ties with Neighbors, Region; President Raisi

One of the martyrs in the helicopter crash was Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, former Iranian Foreign Minister.

After the Iran Snap Presidential Election and the victory of Masoud Pezeshkian, the Late President Raisi's administration now led by Acting President Mohammad Mokhber will transfer power to the upcoming administration in less than two months.
Nasser Kanaani in his weekly press conference on Monday told Reporters that the late President Raisi's administration placed a special emphasis on shoring up relations with the neighbors and pursuing multilateralism. 
Establishing relations with neighbors in various areas, resuming political relations with some countries in the region that were damaged before, and strengthening relations with other countries in the region, were the first advances he referred to as achievements.
Adding to the achievements, Kanaani touched on the Islamic Republic's success in getting full membership in the regional international forums including the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS to expand multilateralism.  
Boosting cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Union and expanding relations with the union, pursuing free trade through signing agreements, strengthening relations with the Caucasus region for playing an effective role in regional stability, and shoring up regional cooperation to fight terrorism and ensure the region's security, were the other points of Iranian foreign policy successes he mentioned. 
Late President Raisi's Government spares no effort to secure the Iranian nation's rights within the JCPOA
Kanaani stressed that the 13th government has used all its efforts and diplomatic initiatives within the framework of the fundamental approaches of my system and the general policies set in this regard until this very moment and will continue all its efforts within the framework of the pre-defined mechanisms until the day it is in charge of the affairs."
Kanaani further said: "We have to wait for the new government to see how it will be done in the future. I will not comment on future approaches."
The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs then stated: "We have made all efforts to secure the interests of the nation and their definite and defined rights and we will continue the necessary efforts."
Kanani strongly denied Western news reports about Russia ending Iran's membership process in BRICS.
About bank transfers between Iran and Russia, the spokesperson of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: "According to the goal setting between the two countries, technical negotiations have been conducted and technical infrastructures have been provided. Consultations between the authorities of the central banks of the two countries have been held recently and we will see the possibility of the citizens of the two countries using bank transfers and using the common infrastructure of the two countries."
Iran's senior diplomat further explained: " We provided the technical conditions for the settlement of commercial accounts using the national currencies of the two countries. We are currently negotiating and Iran presented its proposal to Russia that we can extend this mechanism to the BRICS member states and use this as a common mechanism in the BRICS field, and the Russian side has a positive view.
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