Publish date12 May 2024 - 21:28
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Pro-Palestinian protests continue across Europe

Israel's attacks on Gaza were protested with marches Saturday in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands.
Pro-Palestinian protests continue across Europe

Thousands marched in Madrid to support Palestine.
They gathered in the city center of Madrid on the call of non-governmental organizations and participated in the demonstration organized under the title "We condemn the genocide and Zionist massacre in Gaza."
Thousands holding Palestinian flags criticized Israel and its collaborators -- the US and the European Union.
Carrying banners that read: "This is not a war but genocide", "Free Palestine", "Not in my name" and "Murderer Israel", protesters delivered the message: "No to genocide in Gaza, occupation in Palestine, apartheid, ethnic cleansing and settler colonialism."
Demonstrators demanded that the Spanish government and the international community take "urgent, concrete and effective measures against Israel, to stop arms trade with Israel and to boycott Israeli companies involved in the massacre."
Lisbon University students organize demonstration in support of Palestine
In the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, pro-Palestinian students camped out on the campus of the University of Lisbon to show solidarity with Gaza.
Hundreds rally in Athens against Israeli attacks on Gaza
Hundreds also rallied in Athens to show solidarity with Palestinians and denounce the relentless Israeli attacks on Gaza, which has killed nearly 35,000 civilians, including women and children.
The group, which consisted mostly of left-wing students, activists and representatives of trade unions and as well as Palestinians living in Athens, carried Palestinian flags and banners to demand an end to Israeli attacks on Gaza and the formation of an independent Palestinian state.
The rally was peaceful and ended without any incidents.
Thousands rally in support of Gaza
In Amsterdam, approximately 15,000 people gathered and protested against the Nakba (Great Catastrophe) and Israel's attacks on Gaza.
The demonstration was organized by pro-Palestinian organizations in Dam Square.
Speakers criticized police violence against protests that started May 6 at the University of Amsterdam. They said freedom of expression and the right to protest cannot be prevented.
The demonstrators carried banners that read: "Oppression will not last forever, Israel will be defeated", "Palestine will be free from the river to the sea", "Ceasefire now", "Stop the genocide" and "Genocide is happening in Palestine."
The demonstration, which also included Palestinian flags, chanted: "Free Palestine", "Shame on you Rutte, your hands are bloody" and "Israel bombs, the Netherlands pays."
Demonstration for Palestine in Berlin
Nearly 3,000 people in Berlin protested Israel's attacks on Gaza and Germany's arms supply to Israel as they gathered at Oranienplatz in the Kreuzberg district and marched toward Hermannplatz.
Demonstrators demanded an end to the genocide in Gaza, chanting slogans such as "Israel is a terrorist state", "Germany finances, Israel bombs", "Freedom for Palestine" and "Long live Palestine.".
Speeches stressed that Germany is complicit in war crimes by supplying weapons to Israel.
Thousands march in Italy
Thousands of supporters of Palestine marched in Italy, including Rome, Milan and Turin to demand an end to the genocide against Palestinians.
Around 4,000 people assembled in Rome's Vittorio Emanuele Square, expressing solidarity with slogans condemning Israel and advocating Palestinian freedom, labeling Israel as a "murderer" and "terrorist."
Some protesters also protested Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the right-wing coalition government, alleging their support for Israel.
Thousands protested against Israel in Paris
Thousands gathered at Republic Square in Paris to support Palestine, demanding an end to Israel's attacks and calling for an immediate cease-fire and the lifting of the blockade.
Protesters carried banners and chanted slogans such as "Free Palestine", "Stop the Massacre" and "We are all children of Gaza," advocating for Palestinian rights and condemning the violence.
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