Publish date15 Apr 2024 - 21:28
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Spox: Iran's legitimate action in punishing aggressor must be supported by world

Nasser Kanaani, the spokesman for Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, commented on various regional and international developments during a recent press briefing.
Spox: Iran
Referred to summoning Iran's ambassador to Jordan by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and said: it was noted that the summon was made in response to the news published by some Iranian sources about possibility of Jordan’s role in the interception of some Iranian drones.
Regarding Jordan's participation in the interception of Iranian missiles and the summoning of Iran's ambassador, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: I am not in a position to confirm or deny Jordan's interception. Jordan has also been affected by criminal acts in the region. It is appropriate that Iran's legitimate action in punishing the aggressor is supported by the world. Our relations with Jordan are friendly and there has been continuous communication.
He also expressed hope that the cooperation between the two countries will take place within the framework of regional cooperation.

Additionally, Kanaani addressed Iran's support for recent Human Rights Council resolutions regarding Palestine and Gaza, as well as the resumption of diplomatic activities at the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tehran. He also called for European Union countries to appreciate Iran's commitment to regional security and stability, urging them to align with peace-loving nations instead of supporting the Zionist regime.
Referring to the resumption of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan’s activities in Iran, Kanaani stated: Good preparations have been made for the resumption of the diplomatic activities of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Very good discussions have taken place at the level of foreign ministers.
He further said that the diplomatic delegation of the Republic of Azerbaijan came to Iran to check the preparations for the activity of the embassy in Tehran. There is a consensus that political and diplomatic cooperation will move forward and we will witness the resumption of the diplomatic activity of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Referring to the meeting of the European Union foreign ministers regarding Iran, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: These countries should appreciate Iran's restraint and its responsible behavior towards regional security and stability. 
Instead of accusing Iran, these countries should respond to the public opinion of the world, he added.
He emphasized that instead of cooperating with the Zionist regime, these countries should stand with peace-loving countries; Iran has fully followed the United Nations’ principles in the path of legitimate and deterrent action.
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