Publish date2 Apr 2024 - 20:27
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Resilience amid ruins: Call to prayer continues in Gaza's destroyed mosques

Despite the Israeli army’s destruction of scores of mosques in the Gaza Strip, the call to prayer (Adhan) still resonates from these houses of worship at its designated times, Anadolu news agency reported.
Resilience amid ruins: Call to prayer continues in Gaza

Towering minaret amid ruins

Next to the lofty minaret lies rubble and debris, with the remains of the mosque scattered around.
During Ramadan, the mosque became a memory for residents of northern Gaza, who would frequent it for night prayers (Tarawih) and worship during the Muslim fasting month.
Traditionally adorned for Ramadan celebrations in the past, this year, the atmosphere has turned sombre, with residents mourning the destruction of the mosque.

Hub of Ramadan activities

During Ramadan each year, the mosque would host hundreds of worshippers before the Maghrib call to prayer, gathering for Quranic recitations and providing iftar meals for the needy.
The Masjid al-Awda, built nearly 50 years ago, is situated in the Jabalia refugee camp for Palestinian refugees.
Near the mosque, Palestinian Awwad Shurafa, 55, feels profound sadness over the bombardment that befell mosques and homes.
“We used to celebrate and decorate the mosques, but everything vanished because of the war,” he recalled.
“The occupation forces caused destruction everywhere, demolishing our homes and mosques, displacing and killing Palestinians, and eliminating the joy of Ramadan,” he added.
Shurafa reminisced about the past Ramadan memories inside the mosque, bustling with worshippers and devotees, but today, everything seems to have disappeared.

Call to prayers amid destruction

Similarly, the Al-Mahatta Mosque in the Tuffah neighbourhood of Gaza City was completely destroyed due to Israeli attacks, yet the call to prayer continues to emanate from amid the rubble.
Yasser Hassouna, 23, without hesitation, goes to the mosque for every prayer, where he calls the adhan and recites the Quran, defying Israel.
“In the face of genocide and the targeting of mosques, we come daily to the Masjid al-Mahatta to call to prayer,” said Hassouna.
“We are determined to come to the mosque for prayer and raise the call to prayer amid Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza,” he added.
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