Publish date31 Mar 2024 - 10:14
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European capitals stand in solidarity with Gaza on Land Day

Numerous cities and capitals across Europe witnessed massive demonstrations today on the anniversary of Palestinian Land Day, denouncing the ongoing Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip, now on its 176th day.
European capitals stand in solidarity with Gaza on Land Day
In London, demonstrators gathered in Russell Square and marched to the famous Trafalgar Square in central London, carrying Palestinian flags and banners demanding an end to genocide in Gaza.
Protesters accused the British government of being complicit in genocide due to its arms sales to Israel, demanding an immediate halt to arms exports to the occupying state.
Prominent figures such as the British-Egyptian actor Khalid Abdalla, comedian Alexei Sayle, and Palestinian-British musician Reem Kelani participated in the march.
In Germany, nearly 3,500 individuals marched in Berlin in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Additionally, around 1,500 protesters marched in Stuttgart (southwest), 850 in Munich (south), and 400 in Cologne (west), according to media reports.
In Amsterdam, protesters gathered in Dam Square and then headed to the central train station, chanting slogans such as "Stop the Famine" and "Netherlands, feel ashamed, your hands are stained with blood."
Today, Saturday, marks the anniversary of Land Day, which dates back to 1976 when the Israeli occupation seized vast areas of Palestinian lands. Since then, Palestinians have commemorated this day on March 30th of each year through various activities.
This year's anniversary comes amid escalating Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip since October 7, 2023, and a surge in settler attacks in the West Bank.
Israel has been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip since October 7, 2023, leaving tens of thousands of casualties, mostly children and women, and causing a humanitarian catastrophe and immense destruction of infrastructure and property.
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