Publish date21 Sep 2013 - 9:52
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Disarming Syria of chemical weapons and not Israel of nuclear warheads?

By: Seyyed Morteza Nematzadeh
following a period of intensification in Syria chemical attacks crisis, which provided the necessary pretext for the US to prepare for an attack against Syria, and after it turned into an international tension in different popular, political, security and military aspects, the whole turmoil seems to be alleviating.
Disarming Syria of chemical weapons and not Israel of nuclear warheads?

The threats for a resumption of the crisis still remain impending because the players of this game are numerous, uncontrollable and motivated for different aims. They would refuel the flames of Syria crisis whenever they feel that the situation is not changing in line with their interests.

Countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and their affiliated or supported groups including extremist Salafis of Al Nusra, Al Qaeda, Jonul Sham and Muslim Brotherhood besides the so called Free Syrian Army, Salafi and 14th of March groups in Lebanon, Zionist regime of Israel plus some extremist Salafi groups affiliated with the regime, intelligent services of the aforesaid countries as well as the western countries particularly the US, UK, French and etc… which have separately played a role in Syria crisis and are capable of adding a new crisis to the whole situation and blame the government for that or use their vast and spider web of their media emperors to persuade and feed the people with that. That is the reason why Syria crisis is a multi-national, multi-institution and multi-group crisis.

Since the beginning chemical attack against Syrian citizens (and not against military and Para-military forces) and accusing Syrian army and government was quite suspicious and insincere. Prior to the chemical invasion, military preparation in Turkey and Jordan backed by the presence of foreign forces and invasive, missile and air weaponry besides US and western navy were proofs for preplanned arrangements.

Mobilization, distribution and arrangement of armed opposition groups in different neighborhoods and the environs of Damascus for a simultaneous attack in harmony with invasions to occupy Damascus to seize political and military centers and eventually topple the central government are all indications for a precise plan for termination of the government by simultaneous aerial, missile and ground attacks.

All these points prove two maximum and minimum aims in this project:

The first and maximum objective was to topple of the regime and the second or minimum would be disarming the Syrian government from chemical weapons.

To choose the chemical weapons as the main objective in this crisis was to take the weapon as a source of threat and tool for anti-humanitarian catastrophe.

Since the beginning of Syria situation, the Zionist regime of Israel had constantly reminded the threat of chemical weapons and had written different scenarios to take the chemical weapons from the Syrian government under the pretext that the insurgents or extremist groups would reach the chemical weapons. Some of these plans included formation of Jordanian or pseudo-Jordanian military units (to avoid any sensitivity among Arab states) and instructing them to transfer the arms if Syrian government would topple.

Concerns of the Zionist regime and the US towards chemical weapons are that these weapons are a kind of deterrence against Israeli nuclear warheads.

Syrian government provided the chemical weapons due to not having deterring nuclear weapons against hundreds of nuclear missiles owned by the Zionist regime, and in order to create a balance of deterrence or terror to undermine the Zionist regime’s intentions to attack to the country.
These weapons have been a great concern for the Zionist regime and prevented an absolute and unilateral military dominance of Israel.

Therefore, the plan for John Kerry’s proposal that Syria submits its chemical weapons under international supervision in the peak of his country’s war rhetoric against Syria was not an impromptu or a suggestion without great thoughts behind rather it was quite tactful and preplanned. The aim is quite clear and that is to change the power balance for a better situation for the Zionist regime, meaning to take the deterrence of Syria against the Zionist regime’s nuclear weapons.

In fact the US, Zionist regime and their allies are stripping a government that has prevented an absolute domination of the Zionist regime and the US over Middle East for decades. 

Note: The original article was titled “To Pull the Tooth of the Lion?” bearing a delicate pun upon the word lion since the word for lion in Arabic is “Asad”, pronounced the same way as the family name of Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

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