Publish date26 Nov 2011 - 9:27
Story Code : 72449

Netanyahu calls for more severe sanctions on Iran

TNA - Beirut
"Israeli" Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu doubted the extent of the impact of the new sanctions imposed by Western countries against Tehran and asked for more powerful sanctions.
Netanyahu calls for more severe sanctions on Iran

"What is needed is more severe sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran and against Iran's oil industry." 
Netanyahu speech came in a press conference with Prime Minister of Romania, Emil Boc, who is visiting the Zionist entity.
Netanyahu claimed that "Iran's nuclear program is no longer a controversial issue and it is pushing in all ways towards a nuclear weapon."  

Despite Netanyahu's blessing of the sanctions imposed on Iran till now, he said considering the difficulty to pass sanctions in the Security Council, the major countries can impose sanctions away from the UN Security Council, and expressed his hope that these countries will approve more severe sanctions.
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