Publish date9 Jul 2024 - 18:27
Story Code : 642096

Women take part in changing of Kaaba's kiswa in Saudi Arabia for first time in history

Women have taken part in the replacing of the Kaaba’s kiswa (cloth) for the first known time in history, as Saudi Arabia continues to push forward with its drive to promote female participation in numerous industries.
Women take part in changing of Kaaba
As part of the annual ceremony, which takes place after the Hajj pilgrimage season and on the new year of the Islamic calendar, participants dismantle the old kiswa and install the new one by securing it on the corners and roof of the Kaaba.
Although the roles of the female employees were limited to the preparatory phases of the ceremony, this was the first known instance in history that women have participated in the ritual. It comes amid the Kingdom’s continued drive to promote women in various fields and industries throughout the country.
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