Publish date9 Jul 2024 - 9:19
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Hezbollah launches multiple retaliatory operations on Israeli military sites: video

Hezbollah resistance movement has released a video that shows three retaliatory operations by the Lebanese resistance targeting Israeli military bases in the occupied territories near the southern borders of the Arab country.
Hezbollah launches multiple retaliatory operations on Israeli military sites: video
The resistance group issued the footage on Monday, saying the operations had been conducted a day earlier.

Hezbollah identified the targeted bases as Ayelet, Meron, and Nimra, saying the outposts had been hit with more than a hundred Katyusha rockets.

The American news website Axios reported that a US citizen was wounded in the attacks, citing American officials.

The Israeli regime’s Channel 12 identified the wounded person as an American, not an Israeli settler with dual US nationality, saying the Hezbollah operation had also injured several others.

Other Israeli outlets said he had received extensive and serious injury.

The reason for the American's presence in the closed military barracks remains unknown, Axios added.

The development came amid close intelligence cooperation between the United States and the Israeli regime that has been ramped up amid Tel Aviv’s ongoing incursions on several regional fronts.

Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen television network, meanwhile, reported that Hezollah’s operations had prompted around 250,000 illegal settlers into shelters.

The regime began carrying out sporadic attacks against Lebanon following the onset of a genocidal war that it has been staging against the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023. The attacks have prompted a firefight with Hezbollah.
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