Publish date9 Jul 2024 - 9:03
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Hezbollah calls al-Aqsa Storm as ‘prelude to Israel’s destruction’

A senior member of Hezbollah resistance movement has lauded as ‘prelude to Israel’s destruction’ the major retaliatory operation, al-Aqsa Storm, by Palestinian resistance movement Hamas that targeted Israeli-occupied lands on October 7.
Hezbollah calls al-Aqsa Storm as ‘prelude to Israel’s destruction’
Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qassem made the remarks during a ceremony marking the mourning month of Muharram in Beirut on Monday.

“The earthquake that took place in the form of al-Aqsa Storm will serve as a reason and a prelude for the enemy’s destruction,” he said.

“These acts of sacrifice and bravery will change the equation,” Qassem noted.

The surprise retaliatory operation took place on October 7. It witnessed the coastal sliver’s resistance movements storming the occupied territories and taking hundreds captive.

The Israeli regime has responded with a genocidal war that has claimed the lives of at least 32,000 Palestinians so far.

Gaza’s resistance groups have, however, vowed to continue standing up to the regime with all their resources amid reports that thousands of Israeli forces have been either killed or wounded as a result of the resistance’s determined struggle against the regime’s military since the onset of the war.

“These sacrifices are a prelude for [realization] of justice,” Qassem asserted, adding, “The Israeli regime will not last and injustice will be terminated.”

He, meanwhile, noted that whoever lends support to the occupying regime, whether in words or through their silence, equaled “an oppressor.”
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