Publish date8 Jul 2024 - 22:27
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There is no alternative to UNRWA, says Egyptian Foreign Ministera and UNRWA Commissioner-General

Egyptian Foreign Minister Badr Abdel Ati and the UNRWA Commissioner-General, Philippe Lazzarini, today confirmed that there is no alternative to UNRWA, as it is the only agency that has a mandate from the United Nations to provide relief and support to Palestinian refugees.
There is no alternative to UNRWA, says Egyptian Foreign Ministera and UNRWA Commissioner-General
Abswl Ati called on international community and international donor parties that are still suspending their contributions to reconsider the situation.
He affirmed that the agency is one of the most important United Nations agencies, because it works in the humanitarian field, especially in light of the blatant violations of international law and international humanitarian law witnessed by the occupied Palestinian territories, and this confirms the importance of UNRWA and its role in taking care of refugee affairs inside and outside the Palestinian territories.
Abdel Ati stressed that UNRWA's work will not end until the Palestinian refugees obtain their rights, whether through return or compensation, in accordance with UN General Assembly Resolution No. 194.
He  added "The Republic of Egypt has a major and pivotal role in alleviating the suffering of our people in the Gaza Strip, as it provided more than 70% of the aid that entered the Gaza Strip, despite all the economic challenges it faces, in addition to providing treatment for the wounded in Egyptian hospitals."
In turn, Lazzarini said that about 200 employees were killed as a result of military operations in the Strip, more than 50% of our institutions were destroyed, and more than 500 people were killed when they were trying to seek refuge in these UN institutions.
He stressed that there is no alternative to UNRWA, and it will be able to continue and provide the humanitarian development services it provides to Palestinian refugees if the international community commits to a road map that leads to political solutions.
Lazzarini pointed out that this week witnessed a large displacement of residents, as about 250,000 people were displaced from Khan Yunis in the absence of a safe place in the Gaza Strip.
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