Publish date8 Jul 2024 - 13:10
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UN calls for enforcement of ceasefire in Gaza amid ongoing Israeli genocide

The UN special rapporteur on Palestine has stressed that there is no other way to end the ongoing massacre of Palestinians in Gaza other than enforcing a ceasefire on the Israeli regime.
UN calls for enforcement of ceasefire in Gaza amid ongoing Israeli genocide
Francesca Albanese, the United Nations special rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian territories, made the remarks in an interview on Sunday. 

She said it’s shocking that there’s no ceasefire in Gaza despite a UN Security Council resolution demanding one.
“There is no way they can be safe in Gaza. It is shocking to me that there is even a resolution of the UN Security Council ordering a ceasefire and it is still not in place,” she noted.

Albanese also said there’s no way Palestinians can be safe in Gaza and violence has been escalating in recent months.

“I can see that level of violence and tension is escalating in the past months.”

However, she said there’s no tangible signal that the US-Israeli genocide will stop despite the ongoing truce talks. 

Hopes for a ceasefire in Gaza had risen in recent days following reports that the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement had given initial approval for a new proposal for a phased deal.

Hamas resistance movement is waiting for a response from Israel on a ceasefire proposal, two officials from the Palestinian group said on Sunday.

"We have left our response with the mediators and are waiting to hear the occupation's response," one of the officials said.

The Israeli regime is pushing ahead with its air and artillery attacks in the besieged Gaza Strip as the genocidal war enters its tenth month.

The latest massacres have raised the number of Palestinians killed so far to over 38,150 leaving nearly 88,000 others injured.
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