Publish date4 Jul 2024 - 21:25
Story Code : 641493

Turkey calls Gaza destruction emblematic of ruins of world order

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the destruction in Gaza is emblematic of the lost legitimacy of the international order urging for immediate action to end genocidal war in the besieged strip.
Turkey calls Gaza destruction emblematic of ruins of world order
In an address at the 24th Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit in Astana, Kazakhstan, Erdogan highlighted that over 16,000 Palestinian children have been killed and nearly 90,000 others injured as a result of Israel's indiscriminate attacks in Gaza.
Calling for immediate action, Erdogan called for pressuring Israel to accept a ceasefire to halt the destruction, asserting, "Pressure must continue and increase on its government." 
He emphasized the necessity for justice and global fairness, acknowledging states that earnestly advocate for these principles without succumbing to pessimism amidst current international crises.
The Turkish leader underscored his country's ongoing efforts to address weaknesses within the current international system, striving against obstacles to build a comprehensive, effective framework promoting peace, security, stability, and prosperity worldwide.
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