Publish date4 Jul 2024 - 21:00
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Arab League urges freeze of Israel’s UN membership over non-compliance with UN obligations

The Arab League has called for steps to freeze Israel’s membership at the United Nations General Assembly referring to the regime’s failure to adhere to principles of the UN charter.
Arab League urges freeze of Israel’s UN membership over non-compliance with UN obligations
This decision comes amidst concerns over Israel's threat to international peace and security and its non-compliance with UN membership obligations.
Following an extraordinary session chaired by Yemen, the Council strongly condemned Britain for obstructing international justice and delaying the pursuit of justice for victims.
This was evident when Britain requested written submissions on whether the International Criminal Court has jurisdiction over Israeli nationals, holding Britain accountable for obstructing justice and employing double standards that enable perpetrators to evade punishment.
The Council further warned against Israel's ongoing use of excessive force in its occupation, describing it as genocide against the Palestinian people. It criticized Israel's refusal to abide by relevant UN Security Council resolutions calling for ceasefire and the International Court of Justice's binding orders to cease the genocide. The Council stressed that these actions not only violate international law and humanitarian values but also undermine the international system as a whole.
In addition, the Council denounced the aggressive policies and actions of the Israeli occupation government against the State of Palestine.
The Council reaffirmed that any Israeli annexation of Palestinian territories since 1967, whether de facto or through invalid legislation, constitutes a new Israeli war crime.
It called on the international community to exert pressure and implement punitive measures to compel Israel to halt its illegal annexation and settlement practices, which undermine the prospects for peace and a two-state solution.
Furthermore, the Council instructed the Secretariat to coordinate with member states to implement Summit Resolution No. 854 (33), adopted in the Kingdom of Bahrain on May 16, 2024. This resolution calls for the inclusion of a list of Israeli extremist organizations and groups associated with Israeli colonial settlement activities that intrude upon the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in the national Arab terrorism lists.
Additionally, the resolution demands the publication of the Shame List contained in the committee's report of January 30, 2024, identifying Israeli figures who incite genocide and provoke against the Palestinian people, laying the groundwork for legal action and accountability at national and international courts, and boycotting all companies operating in colonial settlements.
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