Publish date24 Jun 2024 - 11:40
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Lebanese cleric warns of Hezbollah’s harsh response in case of new Israeli war on Lebanon

A senior Lebanese cleric has warned that the country’s resistance movement would launch half a million missiles in massive strikes against Israeli-occupied lands if the regime wages new war on the Arab country.
Lebanese cleric warns of Hezbollah’s harsh response in case of new Israeli war on Lebanon
“In case of an open war between Lebanon and Israel, the latter should expect the launch of some 500,000 missiles [from southern Lebanon into the occupied lands]. The destructive power of these missiles can send the occupying regime back to 70 years ago,” Qabalan noted.

He added, “Any escalation of tensions by the occupiers will end not in the interest of Israel, but rather in favor of the resistance front. The resistance front does not seek anything other than protection of Lebanon's sovereignty and national interests.”

The prominent Lebanese Shia cleric further noted that Israel is under the delusion of grandeur, stressing that the regime’s officials are just chasing a mirage they can defeat Hezbollah.

“Despite large caches of weapons and munitions, the Israeli military has been unable over the past eight months to face up to resistance fighters in the Gaza Strip, who rely on simple and homegrown arms. This is while Lebanon enjoys a broad arsenal and an efficient war technology,” Qabalan said.

“The victory of the Axis of Resistance translates into the victory of Lebanon,” he underscored.

Hezbollah has been carrying out almost daily rocket attacks on Israeli positions in retaliation for the regime’s aggression against Lebanon and in solidarity with Palestinians.

The genocidal war in Gaza has killed at least 37,598 Palestinians, predominantly women and children so far.

At least 480 people have also been killed on the Lebanese border, including 93 civilians, according to a tally by AFP.

Two Israeli wars waged against Lebanon in 2000 and 2006 were met with strong resistance from Hezbollah, resulting in the retreat of the regime in both conflicts.
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