Publish date22 Jun 2024 - 13:49
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Israeli forces kill over 100 Palestinians during three massacres in Gaza in 24 hours

Israeli occupation forces committed three main massacres against families in the Gaza Strip over the last 24 hours, resulting in the documented killing of at least 101 Palestinians and the injury of 169 others, according to medical sources.
Israeli forces kill over 100 Palestinians during three massacres in Gaza in 24 hours
At least 25 of those who lost their lives were the displaced people whose tents were targeted in al-Mawasi area in Rafah.  

Witnesses said two Israeli Merkava tanks in western Rafah fired artillery shells at a gathering of displaced people near the gate of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) field hospital, resulting in multiple casualties.

“The strike damaged the structure of the ICRC office, which is surrounded by hundreds of displaced civilians living in tents, including many of our Palestinian colleagues.”

“Firing so dangerously close to humanitarian structures, of whose locations the parties to the conflict are aware and which are clearly marked with the Red Cross emblem, puts the lives of civilians and Red Cross staff at risk.”

“Under international humanitarian law, parties to the conflict have an obligation to take all feasible precautions to avoid harm to civilians and damage to civilian objects, including humanitarian facilities,” the statement said.
The Al-Mawasi area was designated by the Israeli military as a “safe haven” for Palestinians following its ground invasion of Rafah in early May.

The displaced population in the area face dire conditions, with severe shortages of basic resources such as water, sanitation, medical care, and food.

Local health authorities confirmed that the Palestinian death toll from the Israeli onslaught since October 7 has risen to 37,551 reported fatalities, with an additional 85,911 individuals sustaining injuries. The majority of the victims are women and children.

Meanwhile, ambulance and rescue teams are still unable to reach many casualties and dead bodies trapped under the rubble or scattered on roads across the war-torn enclave, as Israeli occupation forces continue to obstruct the movement of ambulance and civil defense crews.
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